Top 6 Best Interior Design & Architecture Websites

Top 6 Best Interior Design & Architecture Websites

For interior designers and architects, it is crucial to have a website worthy of their talent and skill. A mediocre website creates the impression of service of a similar kind – and this is not what a designer’s business needs.

In our previous publications, we talked about benefits of having genuine, award-winning websites for interior designers, and the criteria of such sites. Today, let me list my personal top chart of interior design and architecture studios’ digital domains. Perfect examples of how your website should look – right ahead.


An elegant interior design showcase. Clickable buttons and menu elements are highlighted unobtrusively on mouseover, which looks like a very neat solution.

VN STAR Development

A blue background circle changes into various shapes upon scroll down, as different hero images appear and vanish. Portfolio pictures are taken down-tops and rendered with a transparent background, which makes them look more solid and monumental to the visitor.

JØSEPH a avoué

A very conceptual design, which changes screens from black to white in checkerboard order. Cases and portfolio works are given in chronological order, with a short article to describe the story behind them. The animation is smooth and eye-pleasing.

Powerhouse Company

This is how you make your designs come alive with short video slides. A static picture is one thing, but when you see an interior or architectural piece from various angles, it definitely adds up to the presence effect.

Andrey Sokruta

One of the brightest interior design websites ever made, this digital domain centers around the designer’s style and vision. Unusual and innovative page flipping effects. A step-by-step customer guide. Full-page background images of works. A comprehensive and neatly animated portfolio showcase.

Karim Rashid

A perfect example of a website focusing on the man behind the works. Navigation is simple and convenient. Very comprehensive and distinct product categorization, and vivid portfolio showcase.


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